Backup4all 6.0.137

Fully customizable file backup utility


  • Customize backup profiles
  • Strong encryption


  • No help when launching program for the first time

Not bad

You probably never really go through the hassle of saving your documents regularly. Unfortunately, when one day you lose all those critical files, you’ll be the only one to blame. Creating backups is far from thrilling, but should never be overlooked, no matter how trustworthy you think your PC is.

Backup4all makes copy creation a breeze by automating the whole process. The key is to properly setup your backups so that the application takes care of it all for you. When you launch Backup4all, simply select the files or folders you'll need to backup. You can create individual backup profiles with a description, an icon and scheduling when Backup4all should save a copy. Set up filters on Backup4all to specify the type of file, the date and size of documents to save. Enable Backup4all sounds and email alerts to notify you if a backup is successful or not.

We were generally satisfied with Backup4all but worried that it only really targets a particular type of person who needs frequent copies of particular documents. Once you get familiar with Backup4all, the whole copy creation process will flow nicely. However the first time we launched Backup4all we had to click around a bit to understand how to use it. The program does feature a wizard to guide you through the backup creation process, but it would have been nice to see it pop up right when you launch the program.

Backup4all is an intelligent and effective way of managing your copies. However, the majority of PC users will only backup once in a while and should be content with a simpler alternative. If you need to recover and save everything from your PC, Norton Ghost is a good choice. If you want a simple and free backup solution, take a look at Cobian backup.

Customizable backup program. Full, incremental, differential and mirror backups

Backup4all protects your data. Setting up a backup configuration is easy with the backup wizard. It provides powerful file filters, schedulers, passwords. You can set up multiple backups and schedule them any way you like.

Once a backup is performed, you can see what files have been changed since last backup. It performs incremental backup to keep track of all files versions. You can restore any version of files and filter the files to restore.

Backup4all can backup open/locked files and it can perform full, differential, incremental, mirror and smart backups. When defining a backup you can also set file filters and schedule the backup for automatic execution. Once a backup is performed, you can see what files have been changed since the last backup or you can read the statistics about the next backup execution. You can use the context menu from the tree to run standard actions associated with the file type.

You can run predefined backups, such as My Documents, My Pictures or Outlook Express and load backup plugins.

Backup4all has ZIP64 support (can create backups over 2 GB) and creates standard zip files, meaning that you can access it with any zip compatible utility. Backup4all also allows you to encrypt your backup using AES Encryption (128/192/256-bit) and does block backups.

This backup program keeps track of file versions. You can easily restore any version of files or a whole folder. You can filter files to be restored. Backup4all tests the backup files automatically to ensure the backup is safe and correctly executed. You can also enable email notifications to receive an email in case of success/error/warning.

Backup4all can back-up to cloud destinations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, BOX, OneDrive, Azure, Amazon S3 and others.



Backup4all 6.0.137

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